A.A. Current Practice - District 1

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Distric Current Practices document

** includes the Book of Current Practices, Book of Motions, & Legacy Of Service **

Last updated:02/18/2020

Composition: Chairperson is elected by committee or as otherwise provided for by district current practice. Former Current Practice Chairpersons and former District Officers are encouraged to participate in the committee. The committee membership is also open to all District 1 General Service members

Scope: Committee maintains the history of District 1 motions; passed motions comprise the District 1 Current Practices which is updated after each quarterly assembly. Committee also makes recommendations in the form of motions to the District 1 body to insure operating procedures conform to current practice. Committee maintains and publishes the District 1 Guidelines of Current Practices and District 1 Legacy of Service in January of odd numbered years

Procedure: Holds quarterly meetings to fulfill its responsibilities. Also may assist in District Business meetings with questions/issues concerning current practice. Submits and manages an annual budget.


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