PositionNameContact Info
ChairpersonDiane B.Email Chairperson
Alternate ChairEarl P.Email Alternate Chair
TreasurerGreg A.Email Treasurer
RegistrarMary C.Email Registrar
SecretaryLynn W.Email Secretary


CommitteesContact NameContact InfoWebsite
AccessibilitiesNicole M. Email AccessabilitiesInternal Webpage
ArchivesTony M.Email ArchivesExternal Website
CorrectionsKaryn R.Email CorrectionsInternal Webpage
Current PracticesDavid G. Email Current PracticesInternal Webpage
EventsVacant Email Events CommitteeInternal Webpage
GrapevineP. S. Email GrapevineInternal Webpage
LiteraturePatty C. Email LiteratureInternal Webpage
PI / CPCBud C.Email PI / CPCInternal Webpage
TreatmentAmanda Email TreatmentInternal Webpage
WebsiteDanielle T. Email WebsiteN/A

DCM / Sub-Districts

LocationContact NameContact Info
Sub-District 1Lydia C.Email DCM / Sub-District 1
Sub-District 2VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 2
Sub-District 3VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 3
Sub-District 4David K.Email DCM / Sub-District 4
Sub-District 5VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 5
Sub-District 6Greg A.Email DCM / Sub-District 6
Sub-District 7Fernando S.Email DCM / Sub-District 7
Sub-District 8Dan M.Email DCM / Sub-District 8
Sub-District 9VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 9
Sub-District 10Lita V.Email DCM / Sub-District 10
Sub-District 11VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 11
Sub-District 12VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 12
Sub-District 13VacantEmail DCM / Sub-District 13
Sub-District 14Deborah M.Email DCM / Sub-District 14
Sub-District 15Diane L.Email DCM / Sub-District 15
Sub-District 16Cal L.Email DCM / Sub-District 16
Sub-District 17NikkiEmail DCM / Sub-District 17

District 1 Officers


Chairperson (Diane B.)

The District 1 Chairperson is responsible for conducting District Business Meetings and DCM-Officer-Committee Chair meetings. The District 1 Chairperson sets the business meeting agenda, incorporates submitted motions, and presides at District 1 Business Meetings. The District 1 Chairperson is responsible for coordinating district activities with other district officers and district committees.

The District 1 Chairperson serves as the chief contact with Area 15 South Florida and reports District 1 activities at the Area 15 business meetings and assemblies. The District 1 Chairperson appoints trusted servants to fill service vacancies as allowed by District 1 current practices.


Alternate Chair (Earl P.)

The main job of the Alternate District 1 Chairperson is to be ready to act as a substitute for the District 1 Chairperson in the event that he or she cannot fulfill any duty for any reason. The Alternate Chairperson is responsible for holding 1 GSR orientation per quarter and is the contact for the Share-a-Ride/Share-a-Room program for Area Quarterly Assemblies.


Treasurer (Greg A.)

The District Treasurer oversees the district finances and maintains financial records of contributions, income and expenses for the district. The Treasurer oversees the district banking account, maintains signature cards with district banking institutions and issues funds as determined by district current practice and annual budget.

The District Treasurer is also responsible for preparing financial statements/reports for District Business Meetings and coordinating the preparation of the annual district budget. The Treasurer also prepares and distributes thank-you letters for contributing groups.

District 1 General Service


Recording Secretary (Lynn W.)

The District 1 A.A. Recording Secretary records minutes of District Meetings and presents minutes at the District Business Minutes for correction and approval.


Registrar (Mary C.)

The District 1 Registrar develops and maintains a list of registered District 1 groups, GSRs, and other District 1 trusted servants including DCMs, ACMs, Committee Chairs and Officers. The District 1 Registrar also provides periodic updates to Area 15 and GSO regarding pertinent district changes such as new group additions, changes in group meeting locations and rotations of trusted service positions.

The District 1 Registrar is responsible for taking roll at District 1 Business Meetings and providing the chairperson with the totals for voting purposes. The District 1 Registrar distributes minutes, keeps mailing lists updated and sends out district mailings and/or digital media notifications.



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